Friday, January 27, 2012

Chuck Scalin (Virginia, USA)

As a photographer, my focus is on documenting the visual landscape of our urban environment. While in Paris I was inspired by the surface textures and colors that provided the creative impetus  for a new series of images. Scanning walls and the pavement around me, I documented details that are often just a few inches of concrete or painted surface. After these details are enlarged to a substantial size, they are dramatically transformed into an abstract composition that transcends their ordinary origins.

In the series, Unsung Views of Paris, I captured scavenged details in my camera that would have probably gone unnoticed or have been ignored by the casual passerby.  In 2008, a suite of 15 images from this series were exhibited at Ghostprint Gallery in Richmond and in 2009, the entire series of 30 (24"x36") images were exhibited at Gallery Sandoz + Weill at the Cite Internationale des Arts in Paris. Four photos from an earlier series of images are represented in the collection of Capitol One.

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